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Callan Timothy

I woke up the morning of Friday December 14th, 8 days after Callan’s due date and decided it would be a fantastic day to have a baby. It was beautiful outside, warm and sunny, and a crisp perfect day. I had spent the past two days inside feeling big and hormonal and wanting to be a recluse. It was nice to wake up energetic and inspired. So I decided to throw on clothes and walk and walk and walk to get my uterus in action.

I woke up the morning of Friday December 14th, 8 days after Callan’s due date and decided it would be a fantastic day to have a baby. It was beautiful outside, warm and sunny, and a crisp perfect day. I had spent the past two days inside feeling big and hormonal and wanting to be a recluse. It was nice to wake up energetic and inspired. So I decided to throw on clothes and walk and walk and walk to get my uterus in action.

I explored the whole neighborhood. I had birds singing to me, squirrels putting on acrobatic shows, and lovely gardens with fresh air to keep me in a splendid daydream. I must of walked for two hours, and to my surprise my anxious attitude to walk to get the baby out, had changed to a lovely walk to brighten my spirits and simply enjoy the living in the now of the nice day.

I came home full of energy and chugged about a gallon a cold water. As I walked through my kitchen I was shocked to feel a warm trinkle run down my legs. I stood frozen in confusion. What exactly was that? I always imagined my amniotic sacs of water breaking with a big gush. Was this really my water breaking? I slowly walked to the bathroom to pleasantly find clear, sweet smelling fluid! This could be it, it could really be it I thought to myself. I quickly walked around the house in circles not really knowing what to do but smile with excitement. I called my midwife, Claudia, and told her I think my water broke, but not really sure? She was so wonderful, she listened to my every word and told me all the advice I wanted to hear. We decided to touch base later in the afternoon to see if contractions would start.

I called my husband Tim and told him not to get too excited but we could be getting somewhere. It was about noon, and we decided for him to stay at work until more started happening. Tim woke up that morning and told me we were going to start labor today around lunch time. He prediction was proving to be quite true!

I knew it could take a while, so I decided to get out and go get last minute herbs I wanted for the birth and postpartum. I could barely contain myself thinking my baby was coming! I hadn’t started feeling any contractions at all but my emotions were like tidal waves of joy. I simply walked around Whole Foods for about an hour not really getting anything or knowing what to do with myself. I finally grabbed some fruit, the herbs I wanted, and decided I needed to quit wandering around like a silly person. I checked out and called Tim, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted him with me, it was too exciting to be apart. I wanted to experience it all with my love, partner and best friend.

It was after 3pm on a Friday and we decided it was a fine time for Tim to leave the office and come home to prepare for our baby. He stopped on the way home to get some cigars which was so very cute! We excitedly cleaned up around the house and smiled and giggled with one another. Still no contractions, so I suggested another walk. We threw on our comfy clothes and hit the neighborhood again. We had a lovely late afternoon walk.

I started to get tired and a little concerned. It was about 6pm now and still no signs of major contractions. I would get contractions going while walking but as soon as I stopped so would they. I knew in the hospital it’s protocol to have your baby within 18 hours of water breaking. Luckily I was not in a hospital, the idea of being in that bed hooked up to Pitocin made me shiver. Thank goodness for homebirth!! Thank goodness for brave midwives!!

To my relief I called my incredibly comforting midwife Claudia. She talked to me about water breaking and what exactly it means and the risk factors and what we could do and so forth. She gave me the information I needed make my own informed choice about what to do. She kept me in charge of my own decisions and being the conductor of my own labor. Simply talking with her gave me so much confidence in myself and I was so grateful! We decided to eat a good dinner, try to sleep as much as possible, and see if contractions would come in the middle of night. If not I would drink castor oil around 5am to try to naturally induce labor at home. Claudia’s peaceful spirit and informed knowledge put my anxious mind at peace that labor would start soon, and I was ready to just enjoy the night with Tim.

We ate a warm dinner together and snuggled on the couch and went to bed early. It was hard to sleep at first, like a child waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney, I was awaiting my babe to come down my birth canal!

I fell asleep and was sharply awoken by a contraction a couple of hours later. I knew I needed more sleep so I woke up only enough to get through the contraction and then went back to sleep. I did this ritual for about an hour and then gave in they were getting too intense to stay laying in bed.

I didn’t want to wake Tim yet so I went into the bathroom and labored for an hour or so. I had my ritual of leaning over the sink to get through a contraction and then I would sit and relax my body in between. As I leaned over the sink I would sway in a circle and felt what water would feel like spiraling down it’s drain. This was working great for a while but contractions started getting closer and closer together. Tim was connected to this because as soon as I really needed him he was awake and ready. Tim started to time the contractions which were happening about every three minutes apart now and lasting 48 seconds to a minute.

My labor was getting too intense and I knew it had to still be very early. I decided to get in the bathtub to see if the warm water would relax my uterus and slow things down. Tim sat by my side and got me through many contractions which were not slowing down but only getting stronger. The heat from the water was starting to get me nauseous and we decided to get me out and call Claudia.

I couldn’t believe that after only a couple of hours of labor my contractions were so active and full. My body was luckily going with it, but my mind was protesting the idea of quick progression. I didn’t want to call Claudia and Nicole to come early. All Claudia needed to hear from her trained ear, was my song of my contractions through the phone to decide it was time to come. I called my aunt Donna who was prepared to be my support and she was anxious and excited to come right away!

I went back to the bathroom and started my ritual again of standing and squatting during a contraction and sitting and resting in between. It was a good thing we warned our neighbors we were birthing at home because I had the window open in the bathroom for fresh air and was starting to moan quite loud to get me through a contraction. I was even shocked by the vibrations of noises coming out of me, like a secret language I hadn’t learned but knew how to speak. Tim was doing an amazing job of getting me water and cold wash clothes and talking me through it all. The moon light in the sky was vivid and quite relaxing shining through the window.

It was about 5am now and I was in transition. I threw up the orange flavored Gatorade all over the bathroom and Tim quickly wiped it up without even a flinch of disgust. He’s really ready for yucky diapers I briefly thought. All of sudden I was all over the place. I could barely stay on top of the contractions they were coming one on top of another. The act of simply catching my breath was a challenge. Everything was so quick!

It was perfect timing for Donna to walk in. She immediately caught on to my energy and gently guided me through. She helped me change my position to start squatting with a stool so I could support my back and legs, which I didn’t think about hurting till she provided the relief. She would talk to me at just the right time and give me space in between. Tim was able to go get the pool blown up and the birth room prepared.

After Donna and Tim soothed me to a bit calmer place, Claudia and Nicole arrived. They too walked in like quiet little fairies ready to brighten and bring strength to my labor. I was too in a trance to say hello but smiled with delight to see their bright, fresh, energy come in. I was ready to start pushing and they got me on the bed for an exam. We listened to the heartbeat which was wonderful inspiration, Nicole gently felt and told me I was complete. I was shocked, how could this be going so fast? I had no complaints. Nothing could take away that strong urgency to push, it was like my whole insides turned to heavy quick sand! Everyone said and did the all the right things at just the right moments. I was able to keep deeply focused in my birth dance with the baby and yet had such fantastic direction and guidance from all around. It was perfect!

At 6am, the pool was filled and ready to go. I was hesitant to get in the water because my ritual of what I was doing seemed to work to keep me on top of the contractions. But it felt magnificent melting into that cozy pool of warmness. My whole body seemed to surrender. Pushing was hard work. Harder work than I could of ever thought. I pushed on my hands and knees for a long while until the baby was low and then rotated further on my right side. I then flipped and would squat with Tim holding me supporting me from behind. It was nice for Tim to hold me while I pushed; it felt like we were working together and completely one during a contraction.

Claudia was so right on when she said, “pushing is one step forward, two steps back.” Every contraction I would have moved the baby’s head down and with relaxing in between, it would go back up. It was frustrating but exactly what my body needed to do to open up. Another great test of patience I knew was preparing me for motherhood.

It was quite empowering to push. Such loud and vibrant energy would come roaring out of my body and lungs with each push and contraction. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, a feeling I will never have outside of labor. There is so much power, and strength, and emotion and rawness. It’s like my body, my baby, and the heavens are all working together in one powerful motion and force. Those moments changed me forever.

The pain was tremendous. More than I wanted to feel, but never too much to want to make it go away. It was my pain, my right of passage, my journey. I had to accept it, I had to go with it, there was no turning back and no other choice. I wanted my baby out in my arms!

Callan was doing his own dance inside of me. He was negotiating his way through my pelvis I could feel his choreography inside and it was so natural and easy to surrender to his lead. Finally, he made it to crowning. Claudia told me to reach down and feel his head. It was amazing. So soft, his little bones were not molded yet so he could get through and he was coming out just right. That was all the inspiration I needed to get going stronger than ever.

I was ready to meet him. I was going full force, it had been 3 hours of pushing now and I was done! I skipped resting between a couple of contractions and just found a way to push straight through. The room became loud with excitement and anticipation. Everyone was cheering me on, Tim was holding me strong, Donna’s hands were excited to help Nicole catch the baby, Claudia and Nicole were peacefully smiling, my aunt Malinda and my dad were right there behind my back in tears, and we were all so there and ready.

Callan could feel the preparation for his grand entrance and just that time his little head popped out. Oh it felt so fantastic to have him out. I stopped pushing in relief and Nicole so gently slipped the cord from around his neck, I had one more push to get the shoulders out and then he was released into the warm water. Nicole and Donna guided him straight to my arms and I finally got to meet my baby.

There is no greater feeling in the world than having my child come out into my arms and look at me in the eyes. I was overcome with emotion. I felt the brightest joy, gratitude and amazement. The room was a waterfall of tears as we were praising thanks for this grand blessing. He was beautiful, he was perfect, he was the most magnificent being and was finally here!

It took a few minutes to discover he was a he. After all those months of waiting it didn’t really matter to me. Once I had this healthy, warm baby in my arms I didn’t even think of a sex. I simply enjoyed having a baby. When someone asked if it was a boy or girl, Tim and I took a peek. We couldn’t really tell because the umbilical cord was in the way. So I put his leg down and looked back into his eyes. After a few more minutes someone asked again. This time we could really tell we had a son.

There he was: Callan Timothy Alborg. A name given to him by his grandmother who so vividly dreamed of him before she became his angel. He was so much a Callan. It only took one look in his eyes to discover that.

We were so pleased and delighted to have a son. The first boy on my side of the family in so many years. A beautiful and perfect bouncing baby boy! I couldn’t believe he was the one living inside of me for 41 weeks. Here he was, so alert, so vividly awake, glowing inside my arms.

After what seem like mere seconds but was actually twenty minutes I birthed my placenta. It was beautiful. We were all amazed by its colors and richness. Nicole let me hold and feel my cord pulsing. It was as alive and musical. When the cord stopped pulsing blood into our son, Tim cut the cord, and was able to hold his baby son. It was one of my most proud and beautiful moments to watch my love hold his baby.

After the birth Claudia and Nicole made my bed so warm and fluffy and brought me back to it’s comfort. Everywhere I looked they were cleaning up and bringing me water and making it so very nice to be at home with my family and new son! They checked me and weighed and checked Callan on my bed so we could all watch. It was so neat!

I had to get some stitches from tearing, it was one of my biggest fears of birth. In some really weird way I even enjoyed that. It didn’t hurt at all! Tim and my family got to pass Callan around in the living room and all enjoy their time with him. Claudia’s skilled hands worked her magic suturing me, Nicole held my hand, and I got to sit back and take in my whole experience with my birth team. I couldn’t be more proud. I wouldn’t of had nearly the same experience without them! I was so honored to have been blessed with my amazing midwives! They were perfect!

I took a shower which felt so splendid, and cuddled in my bed with my babe and my husband. We stay there for almost 2 weeks in the most spectacular babymoon!

Everything from there has been a fairy tale. We are living in a dream with our new little child. Every moment we all become so much more in love, deeper in love than you ever thought you could go! Callan has been a beautiful blessing to our lives. He’s touched us all so warmly and deeply. We love him so very, very much! Thank you Callan for coming to Tim and I. Thank you for letting us grow into a family. You are perfect, and just right, just the way you are, we’ll love you forever!!!