Olivia Pitts, Primary Midwife


We are excited to announce that as of April 2019, Olivia is at the place in her apprenticeship where she is taking Primary Clients under Supervision. Contact us today for more information on working with Olivia.

I have known for as long as I can remember that I was born to help create, nourish, and restore the earth around me. These core passions seamlessly led me to find within myself a deep desire to serve and care for women. In my early twenties, as I began watching the families around me form and grow, I noticed the woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood was in may ways void of compassionate care and true nourishment. The stories told were all too often filled with words like powerless, alone, misery. It was disheartening. However, I knew from my mother’s birth stories, as well as my own reading and research, that there was another way; a way that left the woman feeling dignified, strong, joyful, and fulfilled. Now, that was something I wanted to be a part of! The call to midwifery found itself rising up within me and I knew I had found what I was made to do! Helping women create, birth, and build their families on a foundation of evidence-based education, empowerment, peace, unconditional love, and total freedom. Every day, I am filled with hope and ambition to see birth in our culture restored to it’s intention and experienced in the fullness of it's true miraculous, creative, and wild design. 

In early 2016, I began working as a Certified Professional Doula and started Eden House - an organization devoted to my love for serving the women of earth through being, birth, and beauty. You can read more about Eden House - HERE. My work as a doula, fatefully led me into the hands of DawningLife Midwifery. I began the apprenticeship under Debbie and Constance in 2017. I truly feel that learning the midwifery model of care is best taught through experienced midwives, and I am not sure there are words to describe just how grateful I am for this opportunity. It is a dream being fulfilled. 

Aside from working towards the CPM credential with DawningLife Midwifery, I am also active in the birth community as birth doula, placenta encapsulator, and prenatal yoga instructor. I love the art of yoga and am hopeful to incorporate it into my birth practices in the future. I’m fascinated by the mind body connection and I am honored to help women practice peace and find rest through the tool of yoga. 

My husband, Michael, and I live a beautiful life Northwest of Metro-Atlanta and are working towards creating a future homestead for our dreams, our passions, and of course, our babies. :) 


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