Kind Words

December 2018

Debbie, As I was looking through all the Thank You cards. They all looked so inadequate! I mean, how do you truly thank the person who has helped bring 4 of your 5 most precious gifts to earth? How do you thank the person who is calm and encouraging during your most physically challenging times. How do you thank the person who has empowered you as a mother? You can’t!! Especially with a card! But, I’ll sure try! I love you so much and can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me! You are family!



December 2018

DawningLife is everything you’re looking for in a birthing experience. Honestly. We’ve used DawningLife for 2 home births and were so very pleased with both experiences. Beyond pleased. My husband and I would look forward to our appointments. Constance, Debbie and Olivia offer something more than special. Their extensive knowledge, impressive experience and their overall trust in the natural process is what sets them apart from others. My family that has attended my births walk away changed forever with a different understanding of labor and birth. They all said it was hard to leave afterwards because of the pure magic of the event when you let your body and baby lead 🙌🏽. I will NEVER forget the memory I have of being in my bed laboring and Constance calmly saying to me, “we’re following your lead so you do whatever you need”. Looking up and seeing Olivia’s calm confident presence helped too. We miss our visits and conversations with Debbie. I am forever grateful.

The Shanks Family

September 2018

Debbie is an amazing midwife! She was very supportive while my husband and I were trying to conceive and continued to give support and care throughout my 40 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy! Though we ended up giving birth in the hospital, Debbie never left us, she remained present and attentive to my needs as well as my baby's, making herself an invaluable, supportive comfort to my husband and I. We LOVE Debbie and Constance and Dawning Life!!


The Hesters

July 2018


You are one of the few good people left on the Earth. You have knowledge and insight that immediately found value in. I did no know if I was committed to the idea of having my baby at home. I just knew that whatever I decided to do, I wanted you to be there. I thank you SO MUCH for being there. I needed you and you helped me realize how strong I really am. I have developed much love and adoration for you.


Leah and family

July 2018

Debbie is amazing. I had my son in July and my homebirth was amazing and hope to have the pleasure to one day do it again. 

She was so supportive and understanding.

And when it was discovered my son had health issues (unable to be detected before birth) she was amazing and kept up with me and him. She continued to be a support I knew was there.

Thank you for the miracle of home birth and your support!

The Sanfords

June 2018

We chose home-birthing with my first little one and everyone thought we were insane! I had her this past June and my husband and I fully agree that we will only do home births from now on, as long as we are able. It was such a beautiful experience. The midwives let me and my husband work together and allowed my husband to do most of my coaching and helping. They simply made sure me and baby were safe and progressing. Constance is incredibly well well informed and works very hard for her mamas to be as well. Debbie is equally as knowledgeable and so warm. And Liv is just so full of love and exudes peace and encouragement throughout the whole process. I have nothing but good things to say of them.


Rebecca, Joe, and Ruby

June 2018


Thank you so much for all your kindness and support this past year. I can’t imagine any of it without you. You were such a calming and soothing influence for me. I hope you won't mind if I keep in touch.

I’ll be forever grateful.



March 2018

Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for taking me as your client. I am so grateful you took the chance and gave us a beautiful Homebirth. Although the birth had many feelings- pain, relief, sadness, and joy, I am so glad I got to experience those emotions in the comfort of my own home. Benjamin is a beautiful baby boy, and he is such a happy little fellow. I think his birth is contributing to his peaceful nature!

I hope you are blessed!

Thank you so much.


Anna, Zach, Helen and Benjamin

January 2018

Debbie, we appreciate everything you have done for us! It was so special to me that you were able to be at Hudson’s birth! We love you!

Corbin, Brandon, and Hudson

October 2017

My first baby was born in a hospital. There wasn't much about the hospital experience that I enjoyed. With my second I went a different route and chose dawning life. When I say I made one of the best decisions of my life I mean it. Both Constance and Debbie are incredible. You'd be lucky to have either at your birth. Getting to know them is so much more intimate and safe feeling. Constance is who fate sent to me my night of labor. And even for a false alarm. I'm usually a woman of too many words, when I try to describe Constance I'm speechless. I cannot find a word immense enough, deep enough, inspiring enough to describe this woman. Maybe awe-inspiring, which by definition is to arouse awe through being impressive, formidable or magnificent. Constance is all three. 5 out of 5 stars for all services I received with DawningLife. They do not disappoint.



October 2017

Debbie, Thank you for enabling me and giving me the confidence to have the birth that I always wanted. Audrey is our strongest, healthiest baby, and the recovery for me was unbelievably easy!

You were such a support and encouragement before, during and especially after the birth. I don’t know what I would have done without your kind, listening ear during such an emotionally difficult family time.

You will always hold a dear place in my heart.



September 2017

We knew Debbie was the right fit for us after my husband and I walked out of the consultation both saying how much she reminded us of both of our moms! We were looking for a motherly figure who also had professionalism, confidence and years of experience delivering babies. It was wonderful being able to develop a personal relationship with both Debbie and Constance with the hour long prenatal visits. 

Our birth was beautiful. We never feared the process because we knew we were in such great hands with Debbie (and with Constance as the back up). Our son arrived calmly and safe and sound in the comfort of our home. Debbie and her apprentice took such wonderful care of me after the baby was born to be sure, medically, everything was ok. I trusted their decisions and appreciated how caring they were to be sure I was taken care of.

The post natal visits were so meaningful too; all our questions were answered being first time parents, and we saw how much Debbie adored our baby boy. And, it was like he had a connection with her as well! 

We are so happy we chose a home birth and even more so that we chose Debbie and Constance with Dawning Life Midwifery. We loved each of their apprentices too. They were so kind and knowledgable. Thank you Debbie and Constance for all you did for us and for our baby boy. He’s a happy, healthy boy, and we know a big part of that is due to how he was brought into this world.


Caitlin and Enrique

June 2017

Dear Debbie,

We count it a very special blessing to have shared in both our precious daughters arrivals with our dear friend and midwife, YOU! We love you and we are so thankful for all that you are and do for our family and all the families you serve.


Ashley and Kenny

May 2017


Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and my family. Our homebirth was a dream come true. I can't tell you how calm and safe I felt in your hands. We are thriving and know you had a lot to do with it. Thank you for trusting my body.


Emary and Family

May 2016

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for talking to me recently on the phone. Your call reminded me just how special you are to me to me and how absolutely blessed I am to have you as friend, midwife and mentor. Your mother-like love and wisdom are incredibly treasured. I was in search of a midwife. I never in a million years would have imagined I would find one who filled the space of mother and friend at the same time, and at the perfect time. Thank you.

With Love,


May 2016

Dear Debbie,

As I sit here and begin to write my note to you—I can't help but notice that an instant grin appears on my face and a warming sensation comes to my heart! 

I truly can not thank you enough for being everything I needed you to be during the madness of bringing Celia into this world! You never left my side and that gave me the greatest comfort—knowing I had the best team (you!). You will always have a special place in my heart. You have most certainly found your calling, Debbie!

From day 1, you have always taken the time to actually listen to me and all of my concerns. You have one of the most compassionate souls I have ever met. All babies are lucky to be born in your hands!

With so much love,


April 2016

Thank you all for your love and support during Wesley's birth. The care during and after my pregnancy from DawningLife has been amazing! We are so blessed to have been able to welcome Wesley into the world at home, a truly surreal experience! Can't wait for #3! :-)


Marcus, Danielle, Miles & Wesley

December 2015


I can’t begin to thank you for all you have done to help me in bringing sweet Tilly safely and beautifully into our arms. Your kindness, servant’s heart, and wisdom have been such a blessing to us. This was a journey we will hold dear and cherish for all our life. We are deeply grateful for you this holiday season!

With Love,
Heather & Dave

November 2015

Constance, Debbie and Lacey,

Thomas is 2 years old now and it seems like just yesterday we were pregnant! The more time I have had to reflect back on everything the more thankful I am to have had such a fabulous team with me every step of the way. Without you and your recommendation of Dr. Bootstaylor I know my experience would have been drastically different. Thank you to 3 amazing women! Here’s to round 2!

Amanda, Nick and Thomas

April 2015

Debbie and Crew,

I imagine you know the work you do is meaningful. I imagine it satisfies you beyond cognitive understanding. I imagine your work depletes you at times, wringing you of all emotions, leaving you to cling on to the moments that fuel your drive to stay committed to this powerful work you do. And it is powerful. I now have two stories that are the most poignant memories I will most likely carry through my life. Stories that my daughters will carry through their lives imprinted in their memories. In these stories, we will carry you all with us with love and gratitude. The words, thank you, seem insufficient, but I have yet to find the words that convey how I feel about the work you do and the experiences you have given me. So much love to you all!

Kaleen, James, Charlotte (5/14/12), and Winnine (4/15/15)

December 2014


Thank you! Words can’t truly express how grateful we are to have your help in the birth of our baby. We feel so blessed that you were by our side for such a life changing event. The memory of your love, kindness, wisdom, compassion, and much more will be forever etched in our hearts. 

Thank you!

Katrina, Ted and Avery

November 2014

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for making our daughter’s entrance into our home an extra special day for us and for being more like a really wise friend than just my medical care! We will always have a special place in our hearts for you.

Ashley H.

August 2014

Dear Debbie,

We cannot begin to thank you enough for your help and guidance during (and after!) my pregnancy. You and Constance are incredibly supportive and encouraging. Even though this was our first baby and home-birthing was uncharted water for us, we never felt a moment of doubt or fear because we knew that you both cared so much about us and our baby. Thank you for always offering advice and guidance to help us through our first responsibilities as parents! We love you and look forward to continuing our relationship with the DawningLife family!

With Love & Gratitude,
Kate & Doug L.

June 2013

Debbie & Crew,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you provided during my pregnancy and birth! The care, comfort, peace, wisdom, support, strength, humor, fun and so much more. Thanks to you, I truly had the birth of my dreams. I feel I got the very best care from the first visit to the last. You are all fabulous, amazing women and I appreciate you!

Much Love,

Cara S.

May 2013


Thank you so much for helping me give birth to Elliott. I literally could not have done it without you! The birth has been such an empowering experience and all your knowledge and guidance helped make it so!


Carey and Joey

December 2012

I love how supportive both Debbie and Claudia were throughout the pregnancy, labor and post-partum. They answered all my questions. Gave me great advice. And I just felt like they were a part of my family - and since they helped bring my family into the world, I guess they are a part of my family now!

Much love,

Stacy, Chris, Jac and Jake

October 2012

Thanks so much for everything Debbie! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. You brought us so much comfort and security throughout the birth process and we are so thankful for you! We love you dearly!

Meier, Mark, and Caleb

May 2012

Dear Debbie, Claudia and Lacey

The card is small, but it doesn't matter, because a book of words cannot express a proper thank you for your roles in the birth of Mary Amelia. I gush every time I talk about my homebirth experience and when I think of each of you I feel a gratitude and joy for having you ladies in my life. 

God bless your paths!

Love, Sarah

May 2012


You have been amazing — from the life-changing recommendation to take nettles for allergy relief to the skin-to-skin healing tip after a traumatic visit with the pediatrician. I was so glad you got to attend the birth of Charlotte. you are an awesome midwife, so observant, so attuned. I felt safe, respected, and loved in your care every step of the way. I feel so fortunate to have had the birth experience I had in Georgia, and I am so thankful to have found you guys. I truly look forward to doing it again!


Kaleen, James, and Charlotte

July 2012

I had a beautiful home birth experience and I recommend it for all healthy, low-risk pregnant mothers! I was well rested immediately after, my four-year-old got to be a part of the birth, I could control my birthing environment, and it was honestly and fabulously one of the best experiences of my life. When I first considered home birth, I was nervous because it seemed risky. Debbie, Claudia and Lacey were wonderful sources for educational books, statistics, the studies, and the politics surrounding childbirth in our country. I became informed and convinced that, even though this is not mainstream, a healthy mother birthing at home with a good midwife is more safe and infinitely more rewarding than a hospital birth.
When my GBS test came back positive, I again had a choice between the routine medical intervention of antibiotics during labor (with its side effects) or an alternative course of action offered by my midwives. They educated me about what warning signs to look for during labor and after delivery and provided me with homeopathic solutions. All in all, I felt a big difference between my OB’s need to protect himself legally and my midwives’ commitment to intervene in a targeted and personalized way. I was happy to avoid the unnecessary antibiotics and proud that I took control of my health – it took more effort and time, but it was worth it!
DawningLife’s midwives are professional, kind, educated, forthright, safe, reasonable and gentle.

Holly and Chris, Daisy (age 4) and Declan

May 2011

Dear Debbie,

It was a pleasure to work alongside you during Gabriel's birth. I could not have hoped for a more beautiful experience for my first birth as an official doula. 

Your quiet calm demeanor was so grounding for the mom. And when you did speak, it was like you knew just what to say. I loved how you just gave them space and time after the birth. I felt myself having to fight the urge to clean up and rush around. Thank you for indirectly teaching me to just let them be.

That birth was such a meaningful and timely experience for me and I will hold it in my heart always. I'm so glad I was there with you!

Love & Light,


May 2011

Dear Debbie,

I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last several months of prenatal care. I especially appreciate all of your knowledge and advice throughout my pregnancy. It meant so much to me that you were able to be here for Daniel's birth! 

God Bless You,



I wanted to thank you for everything you did for our family. You were amazing and I appreciated the uplifting words you gave to me during the birth... and after. I am truly grateful for you and your knowledge. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


December 2010

My Dearest Claudia and Debbie,

I can’t thank you enough. Not just the care you have given me and my family, but for the wisdom and courage you have shared with me. I look forward to being a colleague in the future!


October 2010

Dear Claudia,

It is with heartfelt gratitude for your prenatal care and midwifery skills that I am writing. I cannot imagine the vast difference in care that would occur were you not willing to practice and put in the long hours required. Henry is such a treasure and with your presence he was able to transition into loving arms rather than a cold sterile environment. I am forever appreciative of your work and kindness as well as your patience. Thank you.


Claudia, Debbie and Apprentice's,

I would like to let people know about my experience with the home birth I had with your assistance! I am a 42 year old women. I have a 22 year old daughter Caleigh and just this October 11th was blessed with a very health baby girl Landii. I was interested in having a home birth after learning about it from a friend and was given Claudia's phone number. 

I would like to say I was hit with all kinds of criticism . First of all they said I was too old and very high risk. Many people said many negative things. But Claudia and Debbie helped me the whole way through my pregnancy. I knew I was a very healthy person and was sure that the naysayers did not know what they were talking about. I was always informed by Claudia and Debbie of all options. I had a great pregnancy and a wonderful birth experience and I am so thankful for Claudia and Debbie. They are both genuine, loving and kind and do not have a selfish bone in their bodies! 

Thank you so much for all you do!


August 2010


Thank you so much for being such a special and important part of our son’s journey into this world! We feel so blessed that you all helped make our dream of having Gavin at home come true!It was more magical and perfect than we could ever have imagined! You all are changing the world by empowering one mom at a time! Thank you! Thank you!

Lots of Love, 

August 2010

Dear Miss Claudia, 

Thank you so much for taking care of us in our Mommy’s tummy. Thank you for helping us come to this wonderful world safely.

Cloe` and Camille

July 2010

Dear Debbie,

Jeff and I are forever grateful for your loving “catching hands”. We genuinely appreciate your guidance and advice through two pregnancies. You helped make our delivery beautiful and successful. Words just can’t express how very thankful for you we are. Thank you for everything you did for us - you hold a special place in our hearts. May you be blessed with many happy, healthy deliveries. 

Julie and Jeff

June 2010

Debbie and Claudia,

No word in this language or any other can describe the gratitude I have for the both of you. Even in the highest opposition, the spirit of the work you both do rises above it. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and entire soul for providing such a beautiful service for so many families. 

Many blessings to you both. You will always have my full support and complete devotion for you dedication and spirit.

With lots of love,
Neal, Sunshine and Harmony

April 2010

Dear Claudia,

There aren’t many times in life when someone gives you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it. I will always be grateful for that. Thank You!


April 2010

Claudia, Debbie, Tanya, and Tasha,

Thank you so much for your care during our pregnancy, and for your wisdom and experience which made our beautiful homebirth possible. We can’t wait to go through it all again with you, but for now we are just enjoying our time with Roland.

Melissa and Family

March 2010

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for helping to create such an amazing home birth experience! The calm and nurturing nature you project truly helps to create such a wonderful birth environment. I look forward to sharing my experience with others and possibly calling you again in the future if we have a 3rd!

Much Love,
Darren, Dana, Sienna & Sophie
"Birth is Powerful...Let It Empower You!"

March 2010


Honestly there is no way to thank you for all that you do for us! I know that it has been so comforting for Shawn and I to be able to call you for help and for support over the last few years. Thank you for your time, advice, knowledge, direction, friendship, support, care and love.

You are an amazing midwife. Having you in our lives has been a huge blessing and you have been an angel for me and our babies more than once. You have been right there guiding us and loving us and we are forever grateful. You are a lifetime friend to us an we thank God for you often!

Love and Blessings, 
Melanie and Shawn

March 2010

Dear Claudia,

Let me apologize for the delay in this note. I’ve been at a loss for where to begin. These weeks I’ve spent processing Ani’s birth have also been spent with many moments of drifting back and thinking of you. You were my first encounter with homebirth when you came and spoke to a class at Emory. What an impression you made. I was awed by your strength, your candor, your passion and your presence. As my midwife you remained greater than the attributes I’d admired. I allowed myself to trust in my own strength because I wholly trusted and relied on you. Your presence at the birth allowed me to relax, believe in my own power, and give into the forces that surged through me. Claudia, your gift, your talent, the blessings you’ve receive - thank you for sharing them freely. Thank you for continuing to share all that you are, your self, your heart. Thank you for your energy that you invest into growing mothers. I can’t imagine motherhood without the powerful, and painful, and earth-shattering and quietly moving, subtley joyful - but all the while essentially and purely beautiful path of pregnancy and labor and birth. I can’t imagine sitting here, on my bed with my daughter laying beside me, my husband resting alongside her, the room in perfect peacefulness, without you. Claudia, thank you, a million times over. I thank you. You are a wonderful woman-forever with women.

Much Love. 


Debbie and Claudia, 

Thank you for being a special part of our family’s lives! We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful birth! 

Be Blessed!

September 2009

I've been wanting to write you for awhile, but I'm just getting around to it. I've spent the past 3 weeks periodically looking back on my birth experience. I've heard many congratulations, stories of other successful births along with stories of births that did not go so well. I'm really thankful for the experience that I had. It was perfect. Just the way I wanted it to go. I really didn't realize what it would entail, and in all reality, no one could have prepared me for that day.  But I'm so glad I had you there. I'm so glad my mom was by my side to support me. I'm so glad Jai got to see his baby being born. I'm glad I got to change positions, have access to that glorious pool, drink gatorade and water as I pleased (and even when I didn't please). I'm glad that the cord was attached for over an hour and a half after the birth, I'm glad I got to hold and nurse my baby right away, I'm glad you used olive oil to help moisturize me and prevent tearing. I was thankful for your easy-going attitude and your knitting! It calmed me down believe it or not! I'm even thankful for the talk after the birth about not going back to school right away.  
It was THE hardest thing I've ever done. But it was also the most enjoyable few days afterward. Its one of those moments you know you are doing something really important. You are really living life, you know? 
We get so many compliments on our baby: her healthy color, her alertness, her attention. And I know so much of it has to do with you. I'm so thankful you decided to become a midwife. Your knowledge, your level-headedness and your expertise helped me to bring a baby into this world! Its so wild, but it went so much better than many others I've heard.  So many thanks!!

May 2009


Thank you doesn’t seem like enough – words don’t quite seem big enough for the gratitude I feel. Jeff and I are genuinely grateful for the role you’ve played in our lives. Thank you for being our midwife – for fulfilling the precious role of leader, advisor, counselor and caregiver during this pregnancy and delivery. We are very blessed and so very thankful for you. God bless you and your family.

With Love, 
Julie and Jeff

January 2009


Thank you for the beautiful experience that you helped to create of Katy's birth. It was a tremendously POWERFUL experience that has changed my life forever! You supported and cared for me in such a loving way that enabled me to have the home birth that I wanted. You amaze me! Thank you for all that you have done for me!

I also wanted to say that you are incredible! You help women bring forth life! What a powerful passion and career. You are that calm knowledgeable voice that says, "You can do this!" during this amazingly primal process. You are a beautiful soul that shares so freely of yourself! Thank you! I love you!


August 2008

I had Stone at home with Claudia Conn & Debbie Schneider this summer. I also apprenticed with them for a very short time, so I got the chance to see them at births other than my own. I really don't have words to describe just how much I love and respect these women.  

They hold their own space and let you have yours during the whole prenatal and birth experience with a quiet still confidence in you and in themselves. I like confidence. I have seen their level of involvement change from one situation to another depending on what is needed.

Personally, I requested a very hands off approach to my birth. Their were a few bumps in the road that Claudia helped me navigate, but I still feel that it was MY birth, my choices, our family, all the while having the security of her presence. Oh, I have to say that the Maya Abdominal Massage during pregnancy & postpartum is a nice perk :)

I have attended births as a doula at hospitals as well as the Birth Center, and while the Birth Center is a great facility, it DOES NOT compare to homebirth. The management of birth there is just that, still management. CPM's deal with things much differently than CNM's. Not to mention that the intimacy of homebirth can not be rivaled. If you are even entertaining the idea, definitely investigate!

From one in love with homebirth,
Rachel Fee-Prince

March 2008

Claudia and her team were there every step of the way. During the pregnancy they helped with all aspects of this great transition, from physical changes as well as emotional ones. During labor I was coached wonderfully by Claudia, who always explained in a calm and knowing manner what was happening and giving us all our choices. We fully surrendered all our trust in her wisdom. I can say that giving birth at home was a beautiful experience that needs to be felt. I felt empowered in my womanhood, dignified in my ability and strength, and full of God. I would not have done it any other way. We are eternally grateful to BirthingRight Midwifery for the amazing attention given to us. We are certain that Claudia, Debbie and Nicole truly love and have passion for what they do, and this translates into an unmeasured gift to all who are fortunate to have them attend their births.

Bianca, Carlos and Ocean

January 2008

Debbie delivered our daughter on January 19, 2008. Her professionalism, knowledge, and support allowed us to have the birth that we have always wanted.  

During the pregnancy Debbie offered continued support both day and night. We were able to call her with questions and concerns, knowing that she was happy to help us in any way. During the delivery of our daughter her calm and confident demeanor allowed for a peaceful labor and a safe delivery. Her wisdom and compassion provided us peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy the entire process.  

Her postpartum care has been such a blessing to us. She has continued her dedication to our family and brought us peace and comfort during the trying times of early parenthood.  

We highly recommend Debbie Schneider’s midwifery services to any and all of those who wish for their pregnancy and birthing experience to be safe, natural and wonderful just as it is intended to be.

Melanie and Shawn

December 2007

Debbie attended my birth and provided all of my prenatal care. Each appointment was long and leisurely and I was able to feel very comfortable with Debbie by the time of the birth. She is very supportive, skilled, and trustworthy. She attended our first homebirth and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again with Debbie as my midwife!

Rebecca and James

December 2007

Debbie and her apprentice, Nicole, were both great. They made sure I knew what was going to happen during the birth and the postpartum weeks, they addressed my questions and concerns, and they actually got to know me, unlike the in-and-out "care" I received at the OB's office. They did everything to make sure I was as comfortable as possible during the birth. If I ever have another child, I would definitely use their services again.

Amanda and Sam

October 2007

Claudia, Debbie, and Nicole are some of the most special women that you will ever meet. Without them, my family may have never experienced the amazing birth experience that we did. Even if you are planning a hospital birth, the prenatal care given with these midwives is unequaled. Every appointment lasts for an hour, and that is YOUR hour. You can talk about your body, your life, your fears, how your pregnancy effects your relationships with your family and your children, nutrition.... and always receive good advice. We are truly grateful to have had these resources. Having our baby at home was one of the best decisions that we've ever made. Thank you. :)

Jessi H

August 2007

Dearest Debbie, Claudia and Nicole,

Jake and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the most wonderful care you gave us throughout our pregnancy and labor. We truly feel blessed to have met you all and we know you will remain special friends in our lives. You have a special place in our hearts and we look forward to sharing with James, stories of our experience together!

It has been a beautiful journey and we are forever grateful. What you do with your lives is a are very special women!

Many thanks...
Peace & Love,
Jake, Katherine & James

February 2007

My reasons of going to Debbie were that the big hospitals were just like a baby factory, and my birth was one among so many birth which occurred everyday - like root canals at dentists. Nothing special, it was just a procedure. I was even told that they want to make sure I was scheduled in advance like " an airplane in the Hartsfield Airport." I wanted my birth experience to be personal, and spiritual. And the hospital I went was a far place from ideal. I met Debbie in the third trimester for the first time. I wept and told about my desires - I wanted to have my baby in the most natural way, so he could have the best start - and she and Claudia listened to me for more than an hour and they not only accepted me at the last trimester, they said yes to all of my pain medication, letting me hold the baby as soon as he was born and start nursing, eating during labor, no inducing just because due date was passed,etc. Debbie and Claudia know that the homebirth is not for everyone, though it is a wonderful experience for any women to have, and they will never pressure you to have homebirth. So if you are even just curious about possibly having a homebirth so you can make the best decision for your own birth experience, I will recommend you to visit them very soon!

Mayu S.

June 2007

Debbie and Claudia are phenomenal midwives who provide excellent care and extensive experience. I am thankful to have found them when I considered a natural birth with our second son.

Debbie's Maya Abdominal Massage is wonderful in that it feels great, promotes well being, and helps restore balance to the female system. Whether you are looking for more information on the natural birth and/or the homebirth option or for ways to care for yourself and address menstrual issues naturally, I highly recommend this business.

Alix and Joe

December 2006


Thank you for the many months of care you gave my husband, my son and I. Your expertise and warm heart made our pregnancy and birth an exciting and rewarding time in our lives. You are a light among women who seek an empowering and timeless way of birth. We look forward to birthing with you again.

With Gratitude,


Dear Claudia,
I write with my new baby girl on my lap. She is filled with energy, joy, and wonder. Thank you so much for guiding her into this world. I could not be happier with our birth. I am glad Nicole was able to assist. Her presence was peaceful and encouraging. I think Tabitha has a very cool birthday. I am sure she will have some wild New Year Eve parties as she gets older!

I loved hearing your voice when I was in labor - calming and soothing. I felt wrapped in a blanket of care with you, Nicole, and Thomas, I felt encouragement to listen to my body and go with the flow of labor. I felt like Tabitha was taken care of throughout the labor. Hearing her little heartbeat reassured my heart.

I felt very prepared for the shoulder dystocia from all the discussions we had in the prenatals and visually with the videos. Rather than wondering "why am I on my hands and knees?" I knew what I needed to do. It helped me to visualize my birth even though I couldn't see it. I feel very blessed to have had, who I feel, is the expert on shoulder dystocia delivery!

There was nothing like hearing that new little cry for the first time in the whole world. My heart is full from this experience. I feel so supported and lifted up. You have been with me through all of this and continue to help. You hold a very special place in my heart and I would give my highest recommendations to anyone wanting to have a homebirth. I hope I get the opportunity to have another delivery with you (shhh we need to break it to Thomas gently :)
Thank you Claudia, for everything.
With Love,

December 2006

Dear Debbie,

How fortunate we were to have you attend our birth! It was really hard and really wonderful. Thank you for bringing your expertise to our house. We love your calm, authoritative manner and your sense of humor - characteristics that helped us move through Leo’s birth peacefully. If anyone ever asks for a referral, I’ll give you RAVE reviews.

We wish you health and happiness in the new year!

Many Blessings,
Melanie along with Tanner, Wayah & Leo

December 2006

Dear Claudia,

Thank you for your kind and careful support during my pregnancy. You and Debbie enabled Tanner and I to have a peaceful, safe and wholly satisfying birth. We admire your skill and your courage to use it in spite of an antagonistic political climate.

We wish you health and happiness in 2007.

Many Blessings,


October 2006


We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help in having a homebirth for Riley. Your commitment to helping women have homebirths is truly inspirational. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy the gift’s to help you stay awake for your next long labor. :-)

Joe, Amanda and Riley

September 2006

Dear Claudia and Debbie,

I just visited your website and it is wonderful! After seeing your pictures and Marcos' picture in the section "As they grow" I couldn't help but think of how you guys touched our lives and tears of joy started to pour out. My life is so much better because of my children...and to have had the opportunity to bring them into this world in the way nature intended has been a magical and nurturing experience. I still remember listening to Claudia at a lecture she was giving at Life University and thinking to myself: "This just makes so much sense! That is exactly what I want to do when I have a baby"...and that was the turning point. Whenever people ask me why did I choose to have a homebirth, I tell them this story and I tell them about the two women that made it possible.

I thank the Universe for allowing me to be there, at the right place, at the right time...I thank the Universe for letting you both guide me through the most powerful experience of my life: giving birth. We may not live in Georgia anymore, but from the distance we hold you both close to our hearts.


August 2006

Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible experience. It was a true honor to watch you work, your patience, your kindness, and your knowledge are exceptional. I am also very grateful for getting to know you and having you for a wonderful resource! I do hope to work with you again.

Doula and Massage Therapist

June 2006

I met Claudia when 8 months pregnant with my first child. The care she gave me for the remainder of the pregnancy surpassed my previous prenatal care from an OBGYN. She trusted my body to birth my baby and she allowed the natural process to unfold.

Since having my first baby with Claudia she has begun to work with Debbie, another talented midwife. Both have attended my next 3 births at home. (4 in all!) They work together as a team, ensuring the best possible outcome and experience from our births. Their support and encouragement are essential for us. We greatly value their knowledge and vast birth experience.

We feel after 4 births...10+ pound babies...long labors and waterbirths...we can highly recommend their expertise and service to any birthing family!
Josiah and Tiffany Flamm...and 
Ethan Chandler - July 17 1997, 10 lbs., Kellen Micah - January 29, 2000, 9 lbs 8 oz., 
Tarin Josiah - June 8, 2001, 10 lbs 8 oz., and Presley Solomon - January 4, 2004, 8 lbs 2 oz.

April 2006

Debbie and Claudia,

Thank you for all you have done for us. Sadie’s birth was an amazing experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding as well. Best wishes in all that you do.

Jesse and Carrie

November 2005

Dear Debbie, Claudia and Nicole,

Our birth experience was so beautiful, more wonderful than we ever imagined. Thank you for your gentle kindness and unwavering patience throughout the course of my labor and delivery. When asked about the birth , you never go unmentioned because Phillip and I truly believe our birth story would not have such a fantastic ending without you. I wish every expectant mother could find her own Debbie, Claudia and Nicole to guide her through this awesome rite of passage. We look forward to birthing with you again in the future.

Marcia, Phillip and Grace

June 2005

Dear Claudia,

Thank you just doesn’t cover it. Your calm, steadfast demeanor even when things got rough were crucial for me. You have also been very patient with my “afterbirth concerns”. I know that with any other birth team - I would have ended up in the hospital. But thanks to you and Debbie’s perseverance - I had 2 beautiful homebirths and both my children have the best possible start in life. Thank you from my family and myself. You and Debbie will always have a place in our hearts and lives. 

Alice, Calvin, Little Cal and Helen

March 2005

All three midwives, Claudia, Debbie, and Ruth are extremely professional and do a tremendous job! I am so thankful to God for them. With my faith and knowledge and their much needed support, professionalism, experience and knowledge, I was able to have Jacob naturally, the way God intended. In any other situation, Jacob could’ve been a 5 lb c-section baby.

Emily and Kevin

February 2005

Well, we did it!  Our newest addition was born on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 7:18 am. This was our first homebirth and the BEST experience EVER! For all of you other first timers, relax and just enjoy! It was definitely a good thing that we stayed home too because my births get quicker and quicker every time.
Claudia, Debbie and Ruth were awesome! It's funny how others think that it's crazy to be at home and are totally amazed when I tell them I had more attention and care at home then I could've ever had at the hospital. 
We had a girl and her name is Jaeda Pressley Nesnick. She is the "runt" of our three at 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches long ( the other two were 8.8 20 1/2 and 8.0 19 1/4). My husband helped "catch" her and my other two were on the bed watching. I was able to squat for the delivery and barely had to push. Thanks Gravity! 
Anyways, if anyone has pointers for handling three I'm all ears. It hasn't been to much of a challenge yet. I'm sure that will happen soon enough though.

October 2004

Claudia and Debbie

It must be an honor to be called to play such a role in so many lives. I’m so thankful that there are people like you and I’m blessed to have experienced the care you’ve extended. Life is the best gift there is and I want to thank you both for being a tool in the process. We are privileged to be a part of your wonderful journey.

PS I miss seeing you ladies, I miss our over extended visits - prenatal therapy! I hope you realize how you’ve impacted my life, you will always be dear to my heart!

More than you both know and more than words...

Christine and Joah

April 2004

Debbie Schneider is one of the primary reasons I had such an amazing birth experience. She completely fulfilled all of my wishes for a very private, intimate, dignified homebirth. I was comfortable knowing I was in such competent and soothing care. Debbie had just the right way of being confident and relaxed and helped me to relax so that I could have the birth experience I wanted and which was so important to me. She was able to keep me from being dehydrated when I could not stop vomiting, and if I had heeded her advice not to push when she said not to, I am sure I would not have torn, since I felt myself tear at the exact time I chose to push anyway. She very skillfully stitched me right up. It was also particularly wonderful to have someone so experienced with waterbirth, since that is precisely the type of birth I knew was right for my family. I could not have been happier to have someone who I connected so quickly with and who was willing to go against the grain to give women the kind of birth experience they deserve. I really cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Debbie.


Allison and Dechen

April 2004

Dear Claudia, Debbie and Ruth,

Well, it’s taken me a while to get around to writing this but I suspect you will all understand the demanding time constraints of being a mom.

Don and I want to extend our deepest thanks to all of you for helping us on our journey to become parents. We feel so fortunate to have had such excellent, skilled, and loving care throughout the pregnancy and especially during the childbirth. We have learned so much through the entire process- from you, from Tiffany, and now of course, from Cade.

While all my fears and concerns about the pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and even being a Mom didn’t disappear as quickly as I may have wished, they slowly dissolved with help from all of you. I’m actually still mostly breastfeeding with some supplementation from goat milk. Being a Mom is a big change for me and I while I continue to struggle with the confinement this job brings with it - I am so constantly amazed by the wonder of our child and the immense love Don and I both feel for him. 

I am so glad that I had a choice of where my child was born and who helped me in that process. I hope that this right is not taken from women in this state. As midwives, you have enriched our birth experience more than we could ever have imagined. 

Thank you for all for being so understanding of my questions, fears and sometimes different ways of viewing things. You helped me so much. Let us know if you need our voices in the support of homebirth midwives in Georgia. Thank you for touching our lives in such a special way.

Sharon, Don and Cade

October 2003

Debbie and Claudia

Thank you for your compassion and dedication to seeing children into the world in the best way possible. 

Thank you for helping Thomas come to us and for being as happy as we are that he is here. Your personal touch means everything and has left a mark on all our hearts.

All our love, 
Leigh, Paul and Thomas

December 2001

Dear Claudia,

As Clement’s first birthday approaches I find myself thinking back to the day he was born. I’m so happy with that incredible experience, and I’m so glad you were there. Rick and I will never forget you and what you did for us and with us. 

We are all well, and having fun with our happy, healthy and huge baby boy. Clement is very sweet and adventurous. He’s getting close to walking - let the games begin!

I hope you, and Annette and Debbie are all well and having a Merry Christmas!

Robyn, Rick, Ella and Clement

October 2001

Dearest Claudia,

How can I ever tell you how truly thankful we are that it as you that was a part of our child’s life. As I gaze in amazement, each and every minute upon Jillian, I am reminded of how we are truly blessed. She is so beautiful and so at peace from day one. And I know it all has to do with her perfect birth experience. Oh how we so appreciate your awesome heart and your miraculous hands. I often think about the day she was born and I am so surrounded with such fond memories. Despite the pain I felt, I could and would want to do it all over again. I am so grateful that no matter how late into the pregnancy we were, that we somehow stumbled into your life. I know even now I miss seeing you on a weekly basis and sharing with you. And I even miss that entire evening the day she was born just hanging out afterwards and knowing she was taken care of so well. I have picture and video to remind me, which I love. But the greatest is when I hold her or look at her or smell her and then I feel all the wonderful intense emotions and feelings and am then flooded with snapshots of her, you Rick, Debbie and Tiffany and it just makes me feel so good. Good about all the choices we made and who was a part of her coming into this world. Again thank you so much. We have truly valued the time we have shared.

Thank you. 
With love,
Tracy, Rick and Jillian

July 2001

To My Ladies,

Claudia and Debbie and Annette. I love you all so very much. You will always hold a very special memory in my heart- an unforgettable moment in my life. Thank you for your friendship, kindness, and love. You truly have the best job in the world. Always know how special you are and what joy you help bring into the world.

Your sister and friend for life, 

November  2000

Dear Claudia,

Hello! I wanted to let you know that everything is going well for us. Isabella is doing very well and I am (of course) back at work; but I have both my kids with me. I wanted to let you know how much I really appreciated all your support during my pregnancy and birth. It was an awesome experience. I also wanted to let you know that I wasn’t insane with the “baby blues” that I had with my first child, which I believe, was due to the drugs and the fact that I wasn’t in control at the hospital. Things are much calmer, I am more at peace with my family and myself. having our child at home was the best thing I have ever done. I am sure you have heard that before (I know I have) but now I really understand it. I cannot say enough about the experience but you know so I don’t have to say more. Thank you very much.

Ketra, Tony and Isabella

May 1999

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much for everything. We had such a wonderful experience having a homebirth. It was so peaceful and calm. Your presence was very reassuring. We don’t plan on having any more children, but if something unexpected happens you will be the third to know! Good luck to you and your family. Many thanks.

With great appreciation,
Suzie, David, Dylan and Forrest

December 1999

Thank you so much for helping to make my homebirth an incredible, empowering experience. I will never forget it, or you.

Much love, 

July 1998


Your commitment to enriching the lives of women and their families through birth puts me in awe. I feel so fortunate to have such a special, loving and caring person helping to guide my child into the world. I feel truly grateful and honored to have you in my life.

Love you

June 1997


Words can’t express our gratitude - what you do is so important - it made the miracle of life all the more special to us. You will alwyas have a special place in our hearts for helping us realize our dream.

Barbara, Fabio and Gianmarco

December 1996


Bless you! bless you! bless you! Meeting you led us on a path that has literally changed our life. Erica is almost 5 1/2, Victoria is 3 1/2 and again we thank you for helping us bring them into the world! Ross is almost 1 1/2 and as you know was born at home too! We still have not vaccinated and don’t ever plan to...thanks to you. Walene James, author of Immunizations the Reality Behind the Myth lives here in Virginia Beach and we have had the pleasure of meeting her. We have also gone vegetarian. One thing just leads to another and another and another. We truly regret not joining you for Saturday volleyball games. WE missed some great opportunities to get to know better. The pet business simply overwhelmed us. 

Eric, Wendy, Erica, Victoria and Ross

July 1995


Thank you so much for making Andrew’s birth so very special. We will always keep you close to our hearts.

Mark, Debbie, Rebecca and Andrew

September 1994

Hi Claudia,

I read your column in Freedom in Childbirth. Nice work! I have wanted to write for a while and say again thank you - for the children - even though I said we wanted only one more child I am having second thoughts, Randy is not - But I am - so who knows - 40 to old? Or just right? The time sure does fly by - hard to believe your little one will be 2 yrs in a few months. Take care - I look forward to reading your column.

Sandy and the “Boys”

April 1992

Dear Claudia,
Terrence and I would like to thank you for helping us experience the most beautiful experience of our lives. Sean is a wonderful baby. He has a great disposition. We believe the spiritual atmosphere of his homebirth contributed to his peace of mind today.

We love you. We thank you. 

January 1992


T.J. and I want you to know how much we appreciate the care and support you have given us during the past nine months. Elle is my beautiful miracle. We are so thankful that we were abel to have her at home. We felt very prepared, even more than our friends who have had hospital-birthing center deliveries. I know without a doubt that we had superior care. Claudia, finding you was like finding a hidden treasure. T.J. and I trusted you and you brought a soothing, calming spirit to our birth. Elle is beautiful! I will never forget the very special woman who helped to deliver her into our lives. 

All our love,
T.J., Tracy and Elle

February 1986

Dear Claudia,

Happy hearts to you on this special day. We will always love and cherish you as a dear friend and hope you are happy. Today, Feb. 12th is Mary Celeste’s 4th birthday. Can you imagine! So, you are specially in my thoughts and prayers today as I reflect on her day of birth. The memory of your kindness and patience with me on the most special day of my life will remain forever. I trust you are still helping other in similar ways and that you are feeling loved, for you are!


December 1987

I hope this letter find  you in good health and spirits. I am sorry for the delay in getting this letter to you  but...there are certain people in life that leave a lasting memorable impression, you are one of those with us. Thank you for your help and support at such a special time in our family’s life. We are sure that God directed you to us. You are such a special lady, who radiates an abundance of love. Beth and Megan are doing fine. Beth went back to work at the end of September and Megan is with a very nice lady during the day. Claudia, have a wonderful on-going and may God’s blessings be around you and your family. Thank you again.


February 1981

Dear Claudia,

You’re one fine lady! It’s been such a pleasure getting spoiled by you recently that we might just have to have another baby at home! From our first visit with Jim and Aaron and you, you encouraged us not to give up. Your continuing support has been just wonderful and we want you to know we appreciate and love you very much. 

Susan and Terry